• Taste 6 different Greek wine labels
  • Taste different 4 local cheese
  • Learn about their unique characteristics
  • Learn how to pair these two products

 If you ever wondered what is the best way to combine wine and cheese, this is your opportunity to find it out. This tour takes you to a quaint location, which may be a traditional mansion house, a farm or a scenic seaside spot. Entrust us with the selection, you’re guaranteed to have a wonderful time anyway! We will start with the King. Wine has been made on Lemnos for centuries, and Homer mentions its high quality in the Iliad. Our famous wines are made out of 2 local varieties: Muscat of Alexandria (or the “English vines” as the locals call it), the white variety, and Lemnio or Kalampaki, the red one. The island is predominantly known for its white wine. Your lovely host will tell you all about the history of each grape variety, as well as its special characteristics. Up next is the truly delicious part, the tasting! You will get to try at least 6 Lemnian wine labels, carefully selected amongst the 30 labels in total that are produced by the island’s 7 wineries, in order to accurately represent the whole array: The classic white dry wine of Lemnos in its various versions (more scented, lighter in taste etc.), a rosé, which is a combination of the 2 grape varieties, the special sweet wine Muscat of Lemnos, which is ideal for desserts, a red Lemnio wine, which will introduce you to the island’s earthly aromas. Then comes the delight of cheese! You will get acquainted with the 4 special kinds produced on Lemnos: kalathaki, melichloro, kaskavali, and feta. At the end of the tour, you will have mastered the art of combining them with the various wine types. Cheers, everyone!

Spoken Language:
English / Greek / Italian / Spanish / French

Starting Time:
12:00 – 18:00

2 hours

Meeting Point:
Pezoula Café in Moudros



  • Six different labels of Greek wine
  • Four different kinds of local cheese
  • Local rusks or croutons
  • Insurance

Take with you

  • Your comfortable clothes
  • Your good mood