My name is Alexandros Alexandrou and I welcome you on the website of Taste Lemnos. We create for you special tours and experiences around the Island of Lemnos. My team and I aim at providing memorable, hospitable moments to the visitors of Lemnos like you. Together with local people, we share with you our daily life, our history and, of course, our gastronomy. Feel free to navigate through our website and discover more about our services. At the same time, and for the sake of a full hospitality experience, you can find our accommodation suggestions for Lemnos in the “Live in Lemnos” section. Also, you can find information about plane and ferry tickets, along with their weekly schedule, by clicking on “Travel from/to Lemnos”. If you need more information about the island, visit the “About Lemnos” section. We wish you a pleasant navigation and an even more pleasant stay in Lemnos.

Yours, Alex Alexandrou



Marika Salamoussa founded Salamoussa Travel Agency back in 1988. It is the only travel agency in eastern Lemnos. For many years, Mrs. Marika provided high-quality services to the visitors of the island. 26 years of operations resulted in strong friendships and many happy clients. In 2014, Alexandros Alexandrou, the son of Marika, took over the travel agency and its new era began. Travel Lemnos Agency is the new brand name of Salmaoussa Travel. We provide quality services driven by the same passion and having the vision to host our clients in the best possible way. Besides the basic and important services of ticket reservations, car rentals etc, we created the Taste Lemnos project in order to enhance our services to our customers. Read more about it in the “Our philosophy” section. We are looking forward to hosting you as only the team of Taste Lemnos knows how.


In an effort to provide each individual client with the best possible experience, we established a set of characteristics and standards our services need to have.

In order to help our clients to choose the best experience for them, we have created some icons for some special characteristics of each experience. Take a look below and then to our Experiences and find those which are better for you.










Our Travel Agency is authorized by the Greek National Tourism Organization with No: 0364E600009941501.

We have an 8-seat Van for our tours, certified by Greek Tourism Organization with Certif. code: BA/1456/07-08-2015.

There is a wide variety of payment methods. We accept cash, bank transfers and, of course, credit & debit cards, using highly secure electronic payment systems (EFG Eurobank S.A, Viva Payments, and LivePay) and a POS in our Office. Find out more here 


Alexandros, the Food Lover.
He loves good food and he wants to share it with others.

Eleftheria, the Experience maker.
She loves the quality of Greek food and the unique beauty of Lemnos Island. 

Mama Marika, the typical Greek Mama.
She is very welcoming with our visitors and she loves to share food and stories with them.

Panagiotis, the organizer.
He loves to travel and finds fast and easy solutions for any issues.
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Adriana, the Gastronome and Social Media Manager.
She makes sure that you will experience the best of the Lemnian gastronomy.


Alexandros Alexandrou and his friend Alexandros Papandreou, the famous Greek chef, they decided to write a book about the gastronomy of Lemnos. After 2 years of record keeping, “Taste Lemnos The Book” was published. Find out more by clicking here