Dear guests and visitors, If you are viewing this page, it means you have taken the right decision, which is visiting the wonderful Lemnos! Our island has all kinds of surprises in store for you and you are guaranteed to spend a holiday that will stay with you forever. All you could hope for in a summer getaway is here: pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, a relaxing atmosphere, beautiful landscapes, friendly people that will make you feel like home, quaint settlements and so on.

Yet, beyond the obvious, did you know that Lemnos is a paradise of gastronomy and a place of thriving culture and rich history, surrounded by a stunning nature? Taste Lemnos has put together a set of unique experiences, dedicated to showing visitors this side of the island in the most enjoyable way. You will get to visit farms and vineyards where our premium quality products are made, taste our delicious recipes around the table, being warm-heartedly welcomed by the smiley locals, and sail around beautiful coasts, diving into the majestic waters of secluded beaches. You can even enjoy awe-inspiring sunsets with your significant other, learn interesting things about local history in the most original ways, or take pottery lessons based on our rich tradition and discover the artist hidden in you.

You name it, we have it. Greek hospitality knows no boundaries, and Taste Lemnos will make sure you have a great time, no matter which experience you choose. Looking forward to welcoming you to our very own piece of heaven.
The Taste Lemnos team


Cheese and wine. Wine and cheese. No matter how you call it, this combination is just irresistible! Lemnos prides itself in making top quality products, which are well-known to foodies all around the world. Gastronomy experts have praised them and visitors to our island absolutely love them. Come and live an experience your taste buds will remember forever!



We are pretty sure that by now, you must have heard all about the wonders of Lemnos, like its delicious gastronomy, pristine beaches, magnificent landscapes and picturesque, lively settlements. Believe it or not, there is much more to discover. It boasts a rich history and a thriving culture that you can… take back home with you! How come? Join us in this incredibly entertaining pottery class and find out for yourself in the most fun way!



Don’t you just cherish those precious, merry moments, when a scent of delicious home-cooked food filled the entire house, inviting you to join your loved ones around the family table? Have these lovely memories revisited Greek style, cooking alongside our adorable mama Marika, and take a taste of the authentic flavors and hospitality of Lemnos!



Could you think of anything more ideal than indulging in Greek delicacies, with the sun setting in the background? Probably not! No worries, this picnic was made having exactly that in mind. Immerse yourself in the gastronomy of Lemnos island and admire the breathtaking scenery!



Like most people around the world, we are deeply fond of the wonderful creatures called horses, and we bet you are too. They are good-natured, they keep us company and they’ve always helped mankind with its daily activities. In Lemnos, they also serve as adorable hosts and valuable members of our team, taking you in an experience of natural beauty and local history on horseback!